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Darlene Petersen, President

Darlene is the first female owner and operator of TTL Supply, a telecommunication solutions company. She is responsible for developing the overall strategy and vision of TTL and directing its key business development initiatives, which includes leading the financial evaluation and analysis of new business opportunities. She manages administrative functions to ensure smooth and efficient operations of the organization. She brings an updated direction to TTL, Teaming Through Leadership, which she uses to sustain and grow programs and services. She has responsibility for all financial functions, including directing and coordinating all company financial objectives and obligations and maintaining a financially solvent company. She has a proven leadership track record in a variety of roles with more than 20 years of experience in the business sector involving customer relations, accounting, manufacturing and sales and marketing.
Contact: darlene@ttlsupply.net

Ron Petersen, Vice President

As a founder of TTL Supply and with more than 30 years of telecommunications experience, Ron has worked to develop relationships and sales channels with various customers and major manufacturers of telecom-related equipment. Ron has positioned TTL Supply as a supplier to several telecommunications companies in many facets of their outside plant construction programs and maintenance functions. Prior to TTL, Ron was employed by AT&T, Lucent Technologies and OFS. Ron has designed and developed several OSP cables and also holds a patent on an optical fiber cable design.
Contact: rpetersen@ttlsupply.net.

Kristen Wester, Business Development Manager

Kristen is responsible for providing leadership and establishing and implementing human resources strategies to contribute to overall business plans and objectives. She is involved in business development planning and executes business strategies while overseeing marketing initiatives within the company. She works to develop areas such as sales management, marketing communications, market research and customer service. Her broad experience includes employee relations, sales, payroll, talent acquisition and management. She has experience in various industries including professional services, technology and hospitality.
Contact: kwester@ttlsupply.net.

Larry Dunn, Consultant

As a founding member of TTL Supply, Larry brings more than 40 years of working relationships with manufacturers in the telecommunications industry. His extensive background includes: AT&T, Lucent Technologies, Bell Laboratories, research and development, hardware design, outside plant, copper cable systems, fiber optic systems, fiber testing, splicing methods, apparatus design, optical fiber and cable testing and systems engineering. Larry holds four patents in the area of optical fiber applications, hardware design and optical fiber cable design.
Contact: ldunn@ttlsupply.net.

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